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The Assemblée de la francophonie de l’Ontario (AFO) is pleased to team up with the community development organizations, such as the Associations canadiennes-françaises de l’Ontario (ACFO), for a unifying project aimed at deploying a provincial campaign to promote French-language services: the Provincial Campaign to Encourage the Use of French-Language Services.

As part of this project, AFO and the others have set themselves two strategic objectives, which are:

to encourage the public to request to be served in French; and
to encourage businesses and organizations to offer services in both official languages.

In order to stimulate active offers and encourage businesses to post and offer more bilingual services, AFO and its partners have developed a number of tailor-made tools and services:

Oral communication training for employees

This workshop provides your employees with the basic vocabulary relevant to your business, which will enable them to provide better customer service in English and in French.

Translation services

We will help you with the translation of short texts, such as menus, flyers, posters, at a reduced cost. If you have longer documents translated, such as reports, websites, presentations, etc., we can assist you in identifying a supplier who knows your industry. Fees may apply depending on the nature, length and complexity of the document.

Recruitment of bilingual staff

We will give you access to our networks to assist you in finding the right person to fill the bilingual positions in your business.

Bilingual promotional tools

  • kits
    • small window stickers
    • handy glossaries
    • cards
    • small signs for cash registers
  • window decals
  • sleeves

Why take part in this project?

When you join the thousands of businesses that advertise bilingual services, you improve your chances of:

  • attracting and capturing more clients;
  • improving the quality of your client services;
  • exceeding your clients’ expectations;
  • ensuring that your clients feel more appreciated and respected; and
  • offering a QUALITY SERVICE.